A mercenary unit for Mechwarrior Online.
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 Devlin’s Destroyers - Statement of Purpose

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Devlin’s Destroyers - Statement of Purpose  Empty
PostSubject: Devlin’s Destroyers - Statement of Purpose    Devlin’s Destroyers - Statement of Purpose  EmptyFri Jul 06, 2012 3:26 am

Devlin’s Destroyers
Thank you for visiting the home of the Devlin’s Destroyers for the soon to be released MechWarrior Online.

I. Statement of Purpose
“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Henry Ford
  1. a) Devlin’s Destroyers (DD) is a small fellowship of like-minded gamers who endeavor to build a true community of friends who are not segregated by skill levels or ranks but by working together as a unit and enjoying the game of life.

II. Unit Focus
“To the person who does not know where he wants to go there is no favorable wind.” — Seneca
The unit strives to offer our members:
  1. a) A home for mature MechWarrior enthusiasts to role-play their characters.
    b) A Steiner-Davion loyal unit based as extensively as possible on existing BattleTech and MechWarrior canon.
    c) A friendly environment where having fun is the goal of our play experience.
    d) A fully functioning military unit structure providing true opportunities for training and teamwork.
    e) A stable environment from which to foster inter-unit cooperation to advance the goals of the Federated Commonwealth.
    f) To capture and hold Inner Sphere territory within the MechWarrior Online persistent world.
    g) The opportunity to destroy as many Capellan and Draconis mechs as you can!
    h) and finally to fight and destroy as many Clanner scum as possible when they come as, it will be a main goal.

III. Conduct and Attitude

The Devlin’s Destroyers were founded on principles of community, friendship, and trust with a military overtone. We have strict rules in this area that set clear boundaries for behaviour in the forums and elsewhere in our online world. These rules are not tyrannical or something unattainable by our members, they outline some basic standards in behaviour that all people no matter who or where should be able to live by.
  1. a) Respect: This is a very general rule that asks that you respect all members of Devlin’s Destroyers and of the public that you come in contact with. You must not swear or use language that may be taken as offensive, nor make references to someone's culture or country that will offend them or others around them; this applies to guests on our servers and website. Treat them as you would treat a superior (ranked member).
    b) Discrimination and abuse: You must not present any racial bigotry, sexual or sexist, or any other discriminative comments/gestures towards anyone in any way. Officers and administrators have some discretion on this matter and will allow leeway for obvious jokes and inoffensive things taken out of context. If administrators feel that a member means to hurt or upset through his words or actions then that member will be removed from the Destroyers immediately.
    c) Foul language: Use foul language with control on our servers, forums or TeamSpeak. We may have some younger adults and members that dislike such talk, so please be considerate of them. If you are too vulgar or will not be courteous, you will be given a warning and any subsequent offense may be dealt with swiftly such as denial or participation of certain activities or potentially a permanent banishment from the unit.
    d) Conflict resolution: If you start having a problem with another member of the Destroyers that you cannot resolve amicably then you must talk to your Unit Leader or direct it to an administrator. If you resort to abuse and fighting or use of any of the above points you will be consider just as guilty as the initial party at fault referring to rules 1a through 1c. The admins are experienced at resolving issues and will be able to help. Do not make matters worse, talk to an admin with your account of what has happened and let the admins deal with it. Wherever possible the admins will simply resolve the argument and leave it be, unless there is a fundamental and deep breach of our rules in which case resolutions will be made.

IV. Website
The website and forums are our online home. Treat them even better than you would treat your own home. Do not post inappropriate material, or write words you know will cause other people offense. As a unit we are also strongly anti-hacking.
  1. a) Offensive material and language. Do not use offensive language, profuse swearing or post inappropriate images or video (etc) on the forums. Keep the forums clean as we have mature members and guests visiting most of our web site. If you post something inappropriate it will be moderated. If you keep posting inappropriate things you will be given a warning at first and then more severe punishments if you continue.
    b) Forum Spam. If you spam the website with meaningless posts the admins will limit your forum access. Post count is not the Holy Grail.
    c) Access to restricted areas. The Destroyers are not a secret society, but there are some sensitive areas of the website to which only Administrators or Select Groups have access. Please do not ask to see these areas as you will not be allowed to.
    d) Hacking and website abuse. If you are found to have hacked any area of our website you will be kicked from the Destroyers and IP banned from every single piece of software and hardware that the Destroyers own and run.

V. Voice Servers
As a gaming unit much of our activity and time is spent on our gaming servers. These servers however are the places where there is more scope for conflict and abuse than any other. The Destroyers pride themselves on being a friendly and honest group and this extends to our servers.
  1. a) Respect. Please refer to rule 3a.
    b) Discrimination and abuse. Please refer to rule 3b.
    c) Foul Language. Please refer to rule 3c.
    d) Conflict resolution. Please refer to rule 3d.
    e) Whine and complaints. The Destroyers pride themselves on being a fun and pleasant unit to play with and against. Do not act in a way that damages this reputation. Other players may appear to be hacking; however, this is not always true and could just be having a good day and on the other hand you could be just having an off day. Leave it be or disconnect and do something else for half an hour. If you cause complaints about your actions then you will be punished. Good sportsmanship is expected and fuelling any conflicts will only grow the whole issue bigger. Simply just don't say anything and in the case of any game, "gg" (good game).
    f) Hacking, exploits, bugs and unfair advantages. The Destroyers do not hack or condone the use any exploit/bug/script/application that gives an unfair advantage. If you are found to be breaking this rule you will be banned from the unit with no appeal. We do not tolerate cheats!
    g) Admin abuse. If you have been given administrative powers on a server you are in a trusted position. Do not abuse these powers either to gain advantage in a game or to spoil the game for other gamers.

VI. Membership Issues
Devlin’s Destroyers are an online community but also a military unit. This means we have some rules to make the online life flow a little easier.
  1. a) Application process: Applications must be made via our application form, which will then be voted on. Voting lasts for up to 6 days and all members in command positions have a say. Applications must get a significant number of votes before they can be valid, final decision rests with the commanding officer.
    1. Applicants are encouraged to post on the units forums.
    2. Applicants must be active (refer to rule 6b)
    3. If an application is not successful, the applicant must wait one month before trying again.
    b) Activity: Like any online group, we like our members to be active and present on both forums and voice servers. We conduct regular inactivity sweeps where members who have not posted on the forums or who have not been seen are sent one e-mail to reply to. If they do not reply they are kicked from the unit. The following rules also apply:
    1. New applicants must post on the forums at least every other week for the first month after they get into the unit. If they do not, or do not offer good reasons their membership may be revoked.
    2. If a member is kicked due to an inactivity sweep, he must re-apply via the application process. It is possible for an admin or leader to auto-accept the application.
    3. If you know you are going away for a period of time, post in the inactivity forum; so that the admins are aware and you do not get caught up in an inactivity sweep.

VII. Disciplinary Action
Devlin’s Destroyers administrators and leaders work hard to run this unit like a close knit community. People are often given second chances and apologies are accepted. Apologies don't mean you won't be punished but they will help you be forgiven and accepted again. The admins are also often flexible on how they resolve conflicts and violations of the rules, taking into account all sorts of factors too numerous to mention. Don't expect to get away with it lightly, because you may not. But don't expect every single case to end with a harsh punishment, because it will not.
  1. a) Punishments are usually preceded by a warning.
    b) If the warning is ignored, members may be banned from server or forums for a period of time. If the offense is serious, banning may occur without a warning.
    c) For the most serious offenses people have their membership revoked and may or may not be IP banned from servers or the website.
    d) If you are kicked from the clan you must wait one month before you can reapply and you must go through the full application process. If the admins feel your application is inappropriate they may block it.

VIII. Appeals
  1. a) Appeals to disciplinary action can be made, first to the admin or leader who made the decision. If the decision is upheld you may appeal to a superior officer which may or may not convene a military board to deal with the matter depending on the severity of the disciplinary action.

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Devlin’s Destroyers - Statement of Purpose
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