A mercenary unit for Mechwarrior Online.
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 Lochal's Application

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Lochal's Application Empty
PostSubject: Lochal's Application   Lochal's Application EmptyThu Oct 16, 2014 9:13 am

-------------COPY AND PASTE TEMPLATE PLEASE-------------

1. Real Name: Jack Krouse

2. MWO Name: Lochal

4. Callsign/Handle: Lochal

4. Age: 47

5. Timezone: Central Timezone (Chicago CST)

6. Playtimes:
Monday: 8:30 PM CST to midnight
Tuesday: 9:30 PM CST to midnight
Wednesday: 8:30 PM CST to midnight
Thursday: 8:30 PM CST to midnight
Friday: 8:30 PM CST to midnight
Saturday: Variable generally evengings
Sunday: Afternoon and evenings.

7. Do you have teamspeak and microphone?: Yes

8. How often do you plan to play MWO: At the moment only once in a while want to get back in. no fun playing a lone wolf.

9. Preferred weight class of BattleMechs?: Assault

10. What type of roll do you like to play?: Support (ie LRM missiles)

11. How long have you been into BattleTech?: Since 1987.

12. Tell us about yourself!: Work as a Middleware technician in St. Louis at Centruylink Technology Solutions. I have 1 child and 2 more on the way (twins). I will be moving shortly to a house in Missouri (currently live across the river in Illinois) and hope it won't disrupt things to much.

13. Have you been involved in any other MechWarrior or BattleTech type games online? If so, what groups have you belonged to?: I mostly played Mechwarrior 1-4 with friends and alone. Did not get into internet groups till MW online. I am a founding member of that. Black Widow Company informally for MW Online.

14: How did you find Devlin’s Destroyers?: You where in the directory of Units recruiting at http://mwo.gamepedia.com/Category:MechWarrior_Online_Units.

15: Why did you decide to join the unit?: The unit sounds like what I am looking for. I do have Family responsibilities and would like to play causally but am really excited about MW Online Community Warfare when it starts up. I briefly was a part of Black Widow Company but joined them as a Planetside 2 member soonly dropped informally with that company. Not sue what happened to them but they appear to mostly be disbanded. I think they joined house Marik in any case and I am pretty much a Federated Suns (Commonwealth) supporter.

I notice you don't ask for an email address so not sure how yo would contact me if yo needed to so am adding it here.

--------------END TEMPLATE--------------
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Lochal's Application
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