A mercenary unit for Mechwarrior Online.
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 Wish to Join the Regiment? Look Here First!

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PostSubject: Wish to Join the Regiment? Look Here First!   Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:28 am

Welcome to the Devlins Destroyers in-processing center!

First off we need to go over the requirements:

1. You must have a legal copy of MechWarrior Online to join. Or plan to acquire it upon its release.

For information about MWO, go to http://mwomercs.com/

2. Have a good attitude

3. Willingness to have a good time!

4. Not be a filthy Clanner, Drac, or Cappellan....

Second, make sure you have read the Dossier section in it entirety. Its important that you understand what you are getting yourself into. This way you will know ahead of time if you're a good fit for our regiment.

Once you have done these things, place an application. We will contact you back immediately for further instructions. Place your application as its own thread within the Application subsection.
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Wish to Join the Regiment? Look Here First!
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