A mercenary unit for Mechwarrior Online.
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Devlin’s Destroyers - About the Unit
The original members of Devlin’s Destroyers hail from the 1st Fedcom RCT. Loyal subjects from both Steiner and Davion but fighting for the greater unity of the Federated Commonwealth (and the Steiner-Davion line of succession). The members took part in the War of ’39 where most saw action on the planet of Nashira. After the debacle of Nashira some of the surviving members, disheartened with the lack of success and progress against the Draconis Combine, decided to leave service and create a mercenary unit to fight the enemies of the Federated Commonwealth on their own terms, thus Devlin’s Destroyers was born. Taking up contract with the Federated Commonwealth and presently garrisoning along the Edgeward Combat Theatre (Woodbine Operations Area) the unit is now looking forward to a more active service on the front.

Current PilotsMechwarrior Online name /Callsign /Rank /Title /Battlemech
Devlin Davion /Corsair /TBA /CO /TBA
Degrath /Degrath /TBA /TBA /light
Feyd Rautha /WarriorX /TBA /TBA /light/medium
deshamus /Deshamus /TBA /TBA /Heavy/Assault(Catapult)

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Unit Profile
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